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Signature Facials


Signature Holistic facials treating all types and conditions of the skin: dry/dehydrated, oily, acne, cuperose, sensitive, aging and normal.  Vegan, Gluten free and Organic skincare OSEA to customized to your skincare needs beginning with a skin analysis including Chinese face mapping to determine treatment outline and goals.  Steps include; cleanse, tone, exfoliation, jade roller, extractions, mask, facial massage and finishing products.  Facials also include Tuning forks to balance the mind, body and spirit while firming and toning the skin. Home care regimen discussed and recommended.  60 or 90 minute service.

Hydrodermabrasion and Oxygen Infusion


Non invasive Hydrodermabrasion exfoliation to remove dead, dry skin cells and boost the skin’s vitality with a blast of hydration while encouraging cell turn over keeping the skin healthy and radiant.  Finishing  with an oxygen infusion counteracting free radical damage, hydrating the skin into deeper layers of the epidermis, brighten, tighten and balancing the skins oxygen levels for a harmonious environment.

Both Hydrodermabrasion and Oxygen treatments can be performed individually.  

Also vailable in a series of 3 and 6 treatments.

About The Skin Analyst


"The Key to balance is knowing when you've lost it." Sally Rose

Owner and operator: Sophia Lynn Taylor

After many years working directly with clients and employees’ with a variety of tasks in a spa environment, I have found my passion in Holistic skincare. I was privileged to attend an amazing internationally recognized school The Euro Institute of Skincare located in Seattle, WA where they focused on treating the skin from the inside out.  My struggles in the past with health and hormonal breakouts led to this school and searching for the key to obtaining health, happiness and balance.  

Holistic health, yoga, nature and travel are my main passions and inspirations in life and I feel called to help others build awareness in the connection, and bridge the gap between your health and your skin. 

"Inspiration to becoming whole starts with awareness and education."  Sophia Taylor   


Organic, Vegan, gluten free skincare

My goal is to provide beautiful Organic facials with result driven ingredients and treatments that are perfectly customized to your specific skincare needs.

Beginning with Chinese face mapping and analyzing the skin and going over current skincare regimens, providing home care plans, products and nutrition tips and supplementation recommendations.    

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The Skin Analyst

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